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Education will teach freedom, freedom will teach happiness, happiness will take you in an invincible direction. The sky is never the limit.

-Andrew Quintin Howe


Discord service is now offered for gaming and live support for my projects. Howeitworks is more than just a website that provides my projects, but its about building a community of passionate techs and gamers to come together to help each other grow in regards to technology and development but to give back that early 1990-2009 online community atmosphere that everyone misses. Remember to be respectful at all times and please follow your government laws to avoid any liability issues. Enjoy!

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Thank you so much for being here, I'm excited for you! Now you are probably wondering who I am and what I do! I'm soon to enroll into school as most of everything that you see here has been acquired by self-taught or experience. I love technology, I love helping people, and I like putting them together!



Here on this site as more content will be added, you will come to see that there will be a cluster of rich knowledge on how to maintain your home machines and fix your Zune. If you haven’t caught on to my last name, I like to use it as a pun. You may see more film edits of mine as new pages will be added to the site soon. I post my hobbies and my knowledge for everyone to learn. I hope you enjoy!


What I specialize in:

·         Video Editing

·         Information Technology

·         Sales

·         Filming

·         Photo Editing

·         Wireless Sales

·         Cable and Internet Management