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Download Link:!ArWhGiYHsruWgjfcTpG0pdSbx49x?e=ldxAXB
Youtube Links: - Installation - PStart - Boot Menu - Direction PE


-Valor (AIO) & Valor Lite- 
Download Link:!ArWhGiYHsruWgliIFLdgnHcSU2bq?e=EuWIaS
Youtube Links:
 Valor & Valor Lite USB Setup & ISO Mounting Tutorial (PART 1):
 Valor & Valor Lite Deployment Tutorial (PART 2):
 Valor & Valor Lite Christmas Update (PART 3):


-Zune Fix- 
Download Link:!ArWhGiYHsruWgUXh3IVnKsyk1iWt?e=HovKjF
Youtube Links:
How to Fix Your Zune - Restore and Update: 2017-2021 Windows 7 Edition (Discord Support Available):

How to Fix Your Zune -  Restore and Update: 2021 Windows 10 Pro Edition (Discord Support Available):


Download Link:!ArWhGiYHsruWhe0-KZVolFsUAiSc8w
Youtube Links: 


-Samsung Fix Guide-
Download Link:!ArWhGiYHsruWjaIQdq3HDl3RgJLPxg?e=y9RkY9
Youtube Tutorial: